Working on Sex Bet Episode 1 version 2.0

2017-03-23 12:58:05 by SexRaft

Sex Bet Episode 1 – Raiser’s Club’ has been released for a week and already technical, visual & storyline problems are beginning to be more clear. I started working on episode improvements few days ago & things are going smoothly so far. I believe that the new version could be ready for publishing in about five to six days.

Things I am changing in the following 2.0 version:

  • Credit video at the beginning of the new game is going to be removed & replaced with only a button in the main menu.
  • Slow & inert view rotation of the rooms is going to be replaced with fully interactive 360 degree view.
  • ’Action’ pace is going to be improved with additional characters on the begging of the game.
  • Game pace is going to be improved by removing unnecessary/extensive footage, screens, clicks, etc.
  • Undress sequence will be shortened & Harry’s progress will be hastened.
  • Level’s goals will be simplified, more clearly explained & shortened textually in each level.
  • More details will be added on Seth’s appearance & identity throughout the game.
  • Relevance of the gameplay items [soap, condoms, liquor] is going to be explained through additional scenes or dialogs.




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