Tina’s Hair & Wardrobe Poll

2017-03-23 14:53:22 by SexRaft



‘Tina’s Hair & Wardrobe’ poll is about the new Sex Bet episode 1 character: Tina.

The 2.0 version of the episode will start with Seth (player) waking up, realizing that he overslept and that he is now going to be late for his breakfast with Harry.

SB Ep1 v2.0 first additional character is Tina, she’ll be Seth’s girl from last night & already in the house when he wakes up. Since she spent the night she will be loosely dressed & pissed off about not being able to find her bra. She is late for work & can’t leave without it. Seth will have to find her missing bra in order for her to go & also to be ‘rewarded’ for finding it :)

Thank you for taking the time to look through this post.

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Tina's Hair & Wardrobe PDF

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Tina's Hair & Wardrobe POLL

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Sex Bet Episode 1 – Raiser’s Club’ has been released for a week and already technical, visual & storyline problems are beginning to be more clear. I started working on episode improvements few days ago & things are going smoothly so far. I believe that the new version could be ready for publishing in about five to six days.

Things I am changing in the following 2.0 version:

  • Credit video at the beginning of the new game is going to be removed & replaced with only a button in the main menu.
  • Slow & inert view rotation of the rooms is going to be replaced with fully interactive 360 degree view.
  • ’Action’ pace is going to be improved with additional characters on the begging of the game.
  • Game pace is going to be improved by removing unnecessary/extensive footage, screens, clicks, etc.
  • Undress sequence will be shortened & Harry’s progress will be hastened.
  • Level’s goals will be simplified, more clearly explained & shortened textually in each level.
  • More details will be added on Seth’s appearance & identity throughout the game.
  • Relevance of the gameplay items [soap, condoms, liquor] is going to be explained through additional scenes or dialogs.



Beta Testers Needed [Adult Game]

2017-02-19 14:26:03 by SexRaft



I will be publishing my first adult game in about a week and I would love some feedback from beta testers to see if the game will run smoothly & without bugs/glitches.

Quick note: This is an adult game with pornographic visuals. If you are under the age of 18 or if that kind of material is illegal in your community please do not ask to be a beta tester.

Game description:
‘Sex Bet’ is a point-and-click adventure game with mouse-only mechanics. The game follows Seth, a successful man in his late twenties. Together with his friend and business partner, Harry, he forms a plan to break a boring and repetitive streak in his life. Two friends make a bet on who will be the first to get a date with a girl and have sex with her. Loser of the bet will have to pay 500€ to the winner and their budget for the date-night is limited to 100€.

Things that beta-tester should ignore:
- Mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. Proofreading is still not done.
- Places to save your progress. Saving system should work but places to save are a bit limited.
- In-game links to Newgrounds, Game Jolt, Itch.io and Patreon are not finalized.

Game specs:
Tester needs to have a Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browser installed and functioning webm/ogg codecs. Game seems to eat around 600mb of memory but this amount could go up to (depending on a level being played) plus/minus 200mb.

To make things about the game a bit more informative here are few additional files:

Short trailer/teaser/promo-clip on YouTube:


Sex Bet Ep.1 Help File in PDF format. This file is also accessible from within the game:


In-game capture SWF video, start of the dance sequence:

Every Beta Tester name/nickname will be included in game's credits (both during game's intro-video and in Full Credits PDF file) if he wants to be included. If not we will keep his contribution confidential.

If anyone is interested in testing the game please send me a message at Newgrounds or at: sexraftgames@gmail.com